Kolektiv Narobov

Creators of living and live arts from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Kolektiv Narobovs roots go back to classical theatre improvisation. Although still very skilled in and thrilled by the basic principles of impro comedy and storytelling, the Narobovs have since their beginnings developed their very unique approach to improvisation, combining influences of physical theatre, contemporary dance and clowning. Kolektiv Narobov's artistry in spontaneous composition and live interaction with the audience has evolved into diverse award-winning work, ranging from experimental theatre, clown and cabaret pieces, site-specific performances, radio plays all the way to film.

In their 19 years of existence, Kolektiv Narobov has reached international success, touring, guest-performing and teaching in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Armenia, Georgia, Macedonia, Canada, Australia and the United States.