9.3.2024 at 8pm
Narodni dom Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia
Red Dawns Festival
On the Ground - in Slovene!

15.3.2024 at 8.30pm
Center kulture Španski borci, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Trigger Festival
On the Ground - in English!

17. - 20.4.2024
Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin, Germany
Along the Walk, the Conference on Deceleration in Performing Arts

The book Collective Improvisation, From Theatre to Film and Beyond, is out and living and available for purchase! The book written by Sonja Vilč was developed within Should I stay or should I go? project and published by Zavod Federacija and Zavod Maska.
Make your order here.

The music album Pod vodo (Underwater) is also out and swimming and available for underwater delights!
You can either order it in a retro medium of a CD by writing to k.narobov@gmail.com or listen to it online.