Along the Walk
an international performing arts project on the topic of deceleration
an artistic research on performative methods that are in line with environmental awarness, social inclusion, collective work and intercultural dialogue

Route to the Roots
a decelerated walk on borders
Along the Walk

The Biggest Spectacle in the World
a decelerated walk backwards
Along the Walk

a submerged concert performance
an intimate musical performance about precarious work conditions, freelance mothers, options closing down and small spaces of freedom and creation

From Water to Land
a journey from the performance Underwater to the performance On the Ground
a creation process somewhere between diving deeply and standing firmly

a performance dealing with topics of collaboration, cocreation and coexistance performed by an exquisite international cast

playing with the meaning of names and surnames through sound and movement

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
5 theatres, 2 years, 1 film
using the principals of improvisational theatre on other art and social fields

Meta Impro
a mixture of performance, discussion and personal confessions,
improvisation about improvisation

Goli oder / Naked Stage
an international festival of improvisational theatre