Public Opinion
A verbal and physical fight between (ir)reconcilably different opinions

The colourful characters in this lecture-performance, Dr. Vilč and Dr. Moder, always on the opposite sides, are trying to win a debate on several buring issues that plague them and the audience in that particular time and space. Apart from playing around with „real“ arguments, facts and figures, they will at times also resort to less fair tactics, spurring controversy, trying to get the audience on the one side and against the other, shouting, singing and crying their way out of trouble and into the hearts of the audience. It will probably get very dramatic, but luckily the smooth host will intervene if they should (again) get into one of their infamous physical fights. In any case, the audience will get to vote for the most persuasive performance (or was it argument?).

Concept and performance: Gregor Moder and Sonja Vilč
Premiere: September 10, 2016, Fliegende Funken Festival, Bürgerhaus Weserterrassen, Bremen, Germany